NOrth Dakota

District 19



North Dakota Legislative District 19 includes Pembina County, Most of Walsh County and the eastern edge of Cavalier County.





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ND District 19 map
Map of ND legislative district 19.


where is District 19?

North Dakota Legislative District 19 includes the towns of Grafton, Park River, Walhalla, Cavalier, Pembina, Drayton, Minto and many more. We’re right in the NE corner of the state. Canada to the north and MN to the east.

If you’re not sure if you are in D19 (especially if you are from Cavalier County or live near Minto in SE Walsh County) contact Chairman Isaac Stegman and He’ll help you figure it out.



North Dakota has 47 legislative districts. Each district elects one Senator and two Representatives. These Legislators represent us in the North Dakota Legislature. District 19 is a new district that includes part of the old District 10 and old District 19. Every 10 years the State Legislature examines the legislative boundary lines because each legislative district has to have roughly the same amount of people. As a result of redistricting last fall (2021) the old District 10 was removed from our area and there is now a new District 10 in Fargo. 



We are the grassroots level of the Republican Party. We work to promote conservative republican principles and policies. We endorse legislative candidates and then work hard to get them elected. Also the Chairman of the District 19 Republicans represents our area on the North Dakota GOP state committee, the governing body of the ND State Republican Party.

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