District 19 Republicans endorse Myrdal, Anderson and Stremick for Legislature.

District 19 convention, Grafton ND.


On Saturday February 26th, Republicans from all over the new District 19 gathered at the Heritage Village in Grafton for the ND District 19 Republican Party’s endorsing convention.

Senator Janne Myrdal was endorsed with nearly 78% of the vote in a two person race for the District’s sole senate seat. The House race had four candidates running for District 19’s two house seats. Karen Anderson was easily endorsed on the first ballot with almost a 20 percentage point margin over the next closest candidate. The remaining three candidates continued on to the second ballot and Paul Stremick was endorsed with more than a 20 percentage point margin over the next closest candidate.

“Each of these candidates have unique expertise and a shared belief in core North Dakota conservative values, the District 19 Republican Party is proud to endorse Janne Myrdal for senate, plus Karen Anderson and Paul Stremick for House” said Chairman Stegman. The new District 19 includes all of Pembina County, most of Walsh County and the eastern edge of Cavalier County.

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